Monday, March 10, 2008

Holy WOW, March is half way gone!

Oh my goodness! Time has been flying by. You'd think that staying home all day, almost everyday of the week would make time go by so slow. The girls keep me very busy these days. Alina is sleeping less, but also does not eat as often! She does a lot of lying around on the floor playing. Gabby, is being the "needy" child lately. We spent the evening at the ER with her Thursday. She had a 103F fever, and so I made the call to take her in. Turns out she has a bladder infection. Well, it makes since, she has been doing so well potty training, that she is starting to "hold it" too long! So she is on antibiotics for that. Alina just finished taking antibiotics and doing breathing treatments for RSV. My little baby does not like have that mask held to her face, but she was a trooper! She is back to normal and playful as can be!

Chris will hopefully be starting his new job soon! He will be working at Cavendish Farms. It sounds like a good job, and he was told he will have a job there as long as he wants it. Meaning, he better want it!

We had our van delivered to the house on Friday. We have insurance for it on Friday, but we had to wait until today to go get the plate, and now we can officially drive it! It has been a HUGE pain in the butt getting this taken care of, but we are now we have it all taken care of!!

Well, I think that is it from our neck of the woods.