Sunday, September 30, 2007

Still Pregnant!

I seriously thought this baby would be here in September! I have just under 12 hours for that to be a reality! It is looking like this kid is too cool for school! She is quite happy inside, and not wanting to make her debut! I guess in a way, this is a good thing, as our dearest daughter Gabriella has decided to train us in the use of her toddler bed! Yes, I said she is training us! We had no choice but to move her into the toddler bed, as she discovered that she could also climb out of the crib... We have been able to lock her in her room at night, so she sometimes cries, but has made it two night now. Nap time is another story! The only way I can get her to nap is to either take a drive, or put her in Joe's travel Kennel. Joe has never used it, and Gabby uses it as a play house! She LOVES her room, and has made quite the toy carpet out of it this morning. And, she learned how to open her dresser drawers and pulled out ALL of her clean laundry, and put it in her hamper with ALL of her dirty laundry! Can we say TERRIBLE almost TWOS! Once this baby comes, I may never have a chance to blog again!!! The two of them will have me way to busy!

Christian is helping a lot with Gabby today! She wants to be up in her room playing, and he is in his room playing Play Station, so he is checking on her for me. Saves me going up and down the stairs! I very much miss the days when Gabby would just lay around all day and coo! I miss those days sooooooo much!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Gabby's Bum & a Poll

Is okay! For the most part anyway. We are still keeping a close eye on it. It turns out that is was a skin irritation that may have been caused by walmart diapers... so we are spending the big bucks on Pampers for outings.... I am trying to do cloth at home, but I am alone on that, since Chris thinks they are nasty!

Now... for the Poll... Tell me, when will my baby be born, and how big will SHE be?

Monday, September 17, 2007

And back to the ER....

Well, Gabby and I had a nice visit in New Brunswick! We got to see Tyler and Denise and their baby, and Steph and Ben and their baby.... And we also went to Sussex, and Gabby met some of the greatest professors and staff, and we ran into Ceri for about 5 minutes. It was so neat to see all these people again!

On Friday, when we were coming back to the island, I noticed another spot on her bum. This time it was on the other side. It looked just like the first one... I decided to wait and see what happened with it. When it was still there Sunday morning, Chris and I chose to take her back to the ER. Good thing we did. As it turns out, it may not be a bite of any kind after all. It may be a virus. The doctor poked it with a needle and took a sample of the puss (sorry TMI). I didn't watch, Chris held her, but he said that it just kept ooozing... She is on a different antibiotic, and we are putting polysporin on the spot, and covering it with so gauzy bandage.... She is still her normal self, and she was such a good girl! We will know the results of the sample in about 3 days.... I will post again when we find out.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

A position to choose...

There are times in life where we have to make choices that we don't want to make. These choices can sometimes cause a lot of hurt ant pain. I have recently been put into a position where I had to make such a choice, and it is not something I am happy about.

I always said that if a person put me into a position to choice between them and another, the one who was asking me to make the choice would be the one that I did without. Well, I was forced into this problem today. I will not go into any detail, as I don't think that is fair to the parties involved, but please pray for both sides of this situation.

Monday, September 10, 2007


Okay, we had another follow-up appointment today about Gabby's bite on her bum... The surgeon says it looks like her body and the antibiotics are doing the trick, so he does not see the need to cut and drain!!!! YEAH! But, he said to keep an eye on it, and call him if it has not cleared up within a week. So, GOOD NEWS!!!!

Alina = /uh/lee/nuh

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Stair Master

Please ignore the conversation in the background... Chris did not know that I was filming Gabby... and he just kept on talking... and then Christian (who knew I was filming) had to get into the conversation!

Friday, September 07, 2007

A 2nd Trip to the ER

**Added September 8**
I guess I forgot to post last weekend... We first noticed the bite over a month ago, but to us it looked like an ant bite, and we did not think anything of it, and it seemed to be going away. There was still a little pink spot, but it did not seem like anything to worry about. Well, on Saturday I noticed that out of nowhere, it just flared up! It was bright red all around the bite and the bite itself was all pussy. So, I took her over to my mom's place and my mom and I headed for the ER. They told me at the ER that if we had not come in when we did, it could have turned to a staff infection! Those are NO FUN... my little brother had one a few years ago. So, the doctor put her on Amoxi and told me to take her to her family doctor on Friday.... So, we had a nurses appointment at 9am, and she asked me to come back at 10am for the doctor to look at it... and this is where my original post picks up
**end add**

So Gabby had her follow up appointment with her doctor today... She checked out the infected area on the bum, and said "it does not appear to have changed any." She called the hospital, and told them she was sending us over to see the surgeon. YIKES! I about went into panic mode at this point. She told me that since the antibiotics did not seem to be clearing up the problem, they may have to cut and drain the spot..... My poor baby! So I took Gabby to Walmart before we went to the hospital and got her some juice and some fruit snacks.... I figured we might have to wait a while since we were going through the ER. It took about 3 hours at the hospital... We saw the triage nurse first, and she took all of the vitals.... and then about 45 minutes later, Gabby was put into a room. She laid on her belly colouring a picture while we waited for the surgeon to come in and take a look. He looked at it and said "I hate to cut and scar such a cute little bum... lets give the antibiotics until Monday to work on it, and we will have another look then. If it is still rock hard and oozing, then we will set up to cut and drain the infection."
If you came for a visit and saw Gabby, you would never know that she is having this problem, because she is her normal self, unless we touch "that spot"! She is running all over the place and getting into everything, as always!

So, Monday we will see where we go next! Keep your fingers crossed that the antibiotics do the trick! I can't handle my baby girl being put under! And, I really want to know what did this to her! He said it look like a venom injecting bite. UGH!

Okay, novel over. Thanks for reading!