Thursday, July 27, 2006

Here's a little video...

Showing Gabby from before she was born, up until now...

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Happy Anniversary!!!

To My wonderful hubby and me!!

It has been quite a year for us... In our first years we have
* Gotten married (duh)
* Got me preggo (duh)
* Spent many days at the hospital with Christian
* Had a baby (duh)
* Started to plan our move up north
* Had a lot of good times
* Had our share of bad times
* Made dinner for each other (Chris is a much better cook)
* Had a messy house at least once a week
* Blamed each other for the messy house
* Discussed putting Gabby in day care
* Decided not to put Gabby in day care (Chris is going to watch her during the day and work the evening shifts)
* Had one date with no children!! (this past Friday)
* Fallen deeper in love with one another!

There are many more things I could say, but our wonderful daughter has chosen to scream her lungs out at me, guess she is hungry!

Saturday, July 15, 2006


So I was thinking about all the BBC people having babies... I guess it is a never ending process, but so many people that I new at BBC recently had, or soon will have babies, myself included (had one). So I put together a list of the ones I could think of, if you are not on the list, I will add you... If you know of someone not on the list, let me know.... I am curious to see how many there really are!

Babies born to BBC families in 2006:
Micah Anthony MacLeod ~ February 12, 2006 (Jen & Duane)
Gabriella Louise Richards~ February 16, 2006 (Gwyn and Chris)
Benjamin Grant Spear II ~ Date unknown, 2006 (Ben and Jaime)
Micaiah Douglas Crichton Innis~ March 6, 2006 (Dena & Elliott)
Amberly Joy Hadfield~ April 3, 2006 (Kayla and Dane)
Eli Aaron Mack ~ May ? 2006 (Dan and Kim)
Karise Dawn & Grace Lynn ~ May 20, 2006 (Joy and Danny)
Caleb Christopher Stephens ~ June 13th (Chris & Megan)
Carter Cummings ~ June ? 2006 (Wanda and Jeremy)
Abigail Grace Brewer ~ June 21, 2006 (Liz & Mark)
Olivia Keaton Smith ~ June 22, 2006 (Jess (Tibbitts) & Chris Smith)
Violet-Grace Ellen ~ August 17, 2006 (Lisa & _______)

Babies coming soon(within the next 9 months):
Brando & Karen ~ Baby #1
Calvin (Bucket) & Mia ~ Baby #2
Aaron and Nicole Moore are expecting Little Baby Olivia Dec. 4th.
Jess & Justin ~ Baby #2
Steph & Ben ~ Baby #1
Denise & Tyler ~ Baby #1
Angela & Morgan ~ Baby #1


Check out Densie's Blog for more info!

Thursday, July 13, 2006


Well, I have not been writing much lately, just posting pictures, but hey pictures say a lot... But anyway, I though that I would give everyone a bit of an update on what has been going on. Well, I have not been working this summer, besides taking care of my 2 children.... Christian spends about half the week with his mom though. Gabby and I have all day everyday together, and we are sure spoiled to that! I think it is going to hit us both really hard when I go back to work, I think on August 7th? I have been doing so Mystery Shopping to earn a little extra cash. I can take Gabby with me, and sometimes I get free food, gas and even clothes! My mom did a lot of Mystery Shopping when I was growing up, and I always enjoyed going with her... Except when I had to check the gas station bathrooms for her, YUCK! :p

Gabby is growing like a weed! Everytime I look at her, I think "where did my little baby go??" She is about 27in long now, and if I had to guess on her weight, I'd say about 19lb. She is sleeping now, but when she wakes up, I'll check that! Gabby will be going to daycare this fall, as my parents will be moving to Canada in November. Christian starts 4th grade this fall... geez when I met Him and Chris, he was in 1st grade! Kids grow up so fast..... but it seems so slow when you are a kid!

I have been doing a lot around the house this summer... As much as Gabby will let me anyway. I have redone both bathrooms... they are almost done. When I get them finished, I will post pictures. It has taken a lot of time because I put paneling up in one bathroom... I had to cut it, paint it, paint it, paint it, paint it... yes it took 4 coats, and then cut the trim pieces (which by the way is VERY hard to do!) painted those 4 times, and then put them up. Then I had to install the new vanity... this was not to hard, but the pipes and waterlines took a lot of elbow grease! I put the border up in both bathrooms yesterday... all I need to do now is cut, paint and install the floor boards, and put up one more towel rack.... I did not know it took this long to complete this task.

Well, I think that is about it. I will try to update again soon.

A few new pics

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Gabby's first 4th of July...

I had to share a couple pictures :)

Monday, July 03, 2006

Gabby has a crib...

Well, almost... I will pick it up on Wednesday!!!