Friday, February 22, 2008

Alina's Neck & Something special for Christian!

Okay, I forgot that I have been really bad about updates, so I didn't even think about the fact that I had not mentioned her neck. Well, at her last pedi appointment, I pointed out that her head was very flat on one side, and that when ever I would try to turn her head the other way, she would SCREAM! He looked at it, and felt her muscles in her neck and said that it seems that the muscles are not developing correctly, so he has ordered an ultrasound on her neck. The ultrasound is on Monday and after that they will determine what physical therapy is needed. We are counting our blessings that this is the only thing we have to worry about with her now!

On another note, Christian came home from school yesterday VERY excited! He showed me this letter form the principal. He along with 14 other students from his school was selected to go on an all expenses paid ski trip to Quebec during March Break. It is sponsored by Tim Horton's. They will go skiing, and then go to the Parliament house in Ottawa. They also get to go to an NHL game while in Ottawa. He is so excited, and we are so glad he was selected. This gives him a fun, and educational thing to do over March break! So, yeah for Christian!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

We're getting a mini-van

Well, not a whole lot new for us, but I thought I would post an update just to see if anyone still reads this besides my mom. We are doing well, as well as we can anyway. We keep pretty busy with the girls and all, but we would love it if CHris could get a job. I enjoy having him home so that I don't have to clean the house and cook dinner and take care of the girls, but there is a such thing as being around each other too much!

We are soon to be Mini-van owners! We finally found a van, and we will be sucking it up and driving the family ride. This will give Christian room to stretch his legs, rather than being crammed between 2 care seats. He has been a good sport about it, but he is not getting any shorter, he is actually taller than me (I know that does not take much!). So, as soon as we have it, I will get pictures up so you can see. We are very excited!

Alina's MRI went GREAT! She is okay! No problems! The only thing left to deal with is her neck. She will soon be starting physical therepy to stregthen the muscles so she can turn her head to the left.

Gabby is 2! She turned 2 on February 16th. There are pictures on my dropshots account.

Other than all of that, nothing new... haha!

Friday, February 01, 2008

An unplanned, involuntary MIA

OMG! I am so glad to have power back! We lost power around 11pm on Monday, and have been without up until around 12:30ish PM (Atlantic time) today (although looking at the time, I guess it was yesterday now). We live in good ol’ PEI Canada… and there was a major ice storm here. The first two nights, we roughed it out here at the house… but once the no heat factor kicked in, and we were down to about 50 degrees F, I decided it was time for us to pack up the kids, and the dog, and head to the motel in the only town with power! We called just in time to get the only room that had just come available! Talk about lucky! So we spent the past 2 nights there, and that was a totally crazy experience. We had a devil of a time getting Gabby to bed at night, and she kept going into the little kitchen and turning on the oven! She also seemed to have a crazy fascination with the toilet there…. It was easy for her to flush, so she made sure and flushed it every chance she got!

When we returned home, our land lords wife was storming over to the house (BTW I really can’t stand her). She started yelling at Chris and telling him that he was basically a moron! She said that we were “negligent” and the pipes had frozen while we were gone, and the plumber was there fixing the problem. Chris went inside to talk to the plumber. The plumber told him that “no, the pipes did not freeze, you drained the pipes and turned off the pump!” Chris was so happy to hear that! Because he knew he had done everything that he should have done! I spoke to our land lord and he told me that next time we leave like that, just to let him know we are leaving, and tell him if we have drained the pipes so he knows.

So, another adventure under our belts! I have pictures from our little “vacation” to the hotel. I will post as soon as they are uploaded!