Thursday, October 30, 2008

Not much new, that's a lie!

Well..... we have had a lot going on! And I mean a lot! The girls keep us very busy. Alina is almost walking... she stands around, and when she sees that you see her, she plops down as if to say "just kidding, I can't stand up!" It is so funny! She is also doing very well with a straw cup! She is growing up way to fast! I don't like that! Gabriella is, well, a two year old, and then some. We are going for a 2 hour appointment sometime soon to let the doctor better understand all the things she does. He will be trying to figure out if her thinks it is more than just "toddler behavior"! The pregnancy is going well. I am 16 weeks, and 6 days along. I get my only ultrasound (unless I pay for 3D/4D) on November 20th. They do not tell you the gender, even if you want to know here... so this will be our 3rd surprise... We are hoping for a boy, but will be happy regardless. And this is the end! No more kids for us! We are done, Done, DONE! We are both getting fixed! I will update again soon. Sorry it has been so long!