Monday, September 25, 2006

What to say, when there's nothing to say...

I really have nothing to say.... But I have a few pictures. Life has been weird, to say the least.... Between Julie's accident, and the plane crash that killed an old high school classmate of mine, and a couple deaths at church, it seems like it is just attack after attack after attack. Some of my friends at work are afraid to be my friends because of all the people I know who are suffering and dying lately.... That being said, let's have a cheerful note..... New pictures!

Gabby with my grandparents in San Antonio (9/23/2006)

Gabby chilling in the car...

Gabby loved the mirrors and the bridal shop

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Well, it has been an eventful week! Monday was Monday.

Tuesday, we had a visitor on campus, and it was all thanks to one of my students from last year! She won an essay contest! For her prize, one of the Houston Texans, DaShon Polk (NFL) came to school with her. He spoke in chapel to the whole school, and then had some time with just her class in the classroom.

I know not everyone that reads this is a football fan... I am not much of one myself, but I was so proud of her, and I just wanted to highlight her on here!
Wednesday the battery in Chris' car (the car I drive to work so he can have the 4 door with Gabby) died! My mother in law and I were running late in the morning, and we got everything into the car, and then it would not start! So I had to go back inside, tell Chris and then took my car, so he was without a car.

Thursday The same student that won the essay contest, also won a prize from the Houston Astros (baseball). She got free tickets and a bunch of other goodies because she sold the most in our school fund raiser. Also on Thursday, one of our 5th graders broke his leg playing soccer at recess.
Friday, After a LONG day at work, I got home 30 minutes earlier than usual and got to spend a lot of good time with Chris and Gabby. Christian seems to distance himself a lot lately.... We are not quite sure why. Gabby and I played for a while on the floor, and all that fun stuff.... but every time her daddy was out of her sight, she would let me know that that was unacceptable!
Saturday we got up around 9am and got ready to leave for a get together at my old High School EHS. We got to see all the changes that were made around campus, and let me tell you, that place looks like a college now! I am feeling a bit jealous that it was not that way when I went there! But, oh well, the tuition is now $18,500 per year. That does not include food, books, or activities. However, I loved EHS, even though you may have heard me say otherwise at times!
Today is also Gabby's 7 month birthday!!!! Here she is, my little monster!

And then I can't leave you without one of her standing up again!

Monday, September 11, 2006

We have a stander!

Gabby has been standing in her crib lately... and today, while I was on the computer, she started screaming at me, and was standing there chewing on the rail! It was the funniest thing! I guess I need to start raising the rail...

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Quick little update...

Not a lot going on these days. I work Monday-Friday (had this past Monday off for Labour Day) I love weekends, because I get family time. Teaching K-2 is interesting, but also a challenge. First and second grade are easy, but kindergarten is still taking a lot of patience. I am enjoying the innocence of the Kindergarten, but not the fact that they still act like pre-schoolers. I honestly think that they should only have one classroom... having them change classrooms twice in one day has got to be confusing.

I have been fixing a lot of the computers at the school too. The technology teacher comes to me when there is a problem in the lab or with one of the teacher laptops. I have fixed 12 computers already this school year... and we have only been back to work a month.

That is about it for me... Gabby is growing like a weed... I have a feeling she will be walking by 8 months... maybe 9 months. I keep hearing bad things about baby walkers, but we don't have stairs, and Gabby is only in hers for short periods of time in the day. She loves being able to move around. If she is on the floor, she crawls all over the place, and gets into everything! He 2 favorite things to mess with that she should not mess with are the computer and her daddy's shoes.

Christian is becoming very independent. He is hardly ever home, and that makes us sad... but he has a lot of good friends, and likes to hang out with them. Right now he is at the beach with one of his friends family. I can't believe he will be 10 next month!!!!

Alrighty, I thought this was going to be real short, so I will end here. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Oh, and Bucket's baby number 2 is over due and will be born no later than Monday.... check his blog for more details! The like is on my side bar.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Is it worth it...

Okay... So yesterday at work, I got so PO's that I nearly walked about on my job! I am a teacher at a small Christian School. My lunch break is one of the times that I spend pumping during the day so Gabby will have milk for the next day. Yesterday was pizza day for lunch, and the pizza was running late. So, we kept the kids in the cafeteria to wait, because half of them bring their lunch and already started eating. I went back to my classroom and pumped. When I came back, the pizza still had not arrived! I sat there with the other 2 teachers that share lunch time with me, and talked about a student we were having trouble with. In comes the "principal" and starts getting mouthy with us. She said that she wanted us to take our kids to the classroom when we were told that the lunch would be late, and that we should not have kept them in the cafeteria. Then she told us that we had to take the kids to eat in the classrooms, because the older kids were coming down to eat. I'm sorry, but first of all, the kids stayed in the cafeteria so I could go pump! Secondly, don't you think that the older kids could handle moving to a different room easier!?!?!! The woman should not be a principal!!! She is horrible! I called Chris during my break and told him that if she disrespect me one more time, I am walking out, and he is going back to work! I am so flaming! She thinks that breastfeeding is a privilege, not a right! Isn't that discrimination? Does anyone know of any laws that require her to let me pump at scheduled times??? Women who never breast fed their children just will never understand!

On a happier note, Gabby has been developing so much since I went back to work. She has been sitting up without help now for over a month, she is crawling all over the place, and... wait for it, wait for it.... SHE IS STANDING UP IN HER CRIB! She also loves to play monster... now this is hard to explain, but basically she shakes her arms around and growls..... It is so cute! She has been eating solid foods for a while too! She loves carrots, green beans, sweet potatoes, pears, bananas... you name it, she loves it (baby food wise that is). My little booger is growing up so fast! She is over half way there to being a year old!

Well, I am sure this is long enough. You all have things to do... As do I. So till next time..... Click here to see new pictures