Friday, November 28, 2008


Baby #3 (for me) #4 for Chris :)

Oh, on a side note. I am home from the hospital. My kidney infection is getting better. I spent 5 days in the pediatric ward, because Maternity was over full! Pediatric and maternity are in the same area, and share the same nurses, so I was not far from where I should have been. They were constantly checking baby. I went to the IWK this afternoon for another ultrasound. The results were both positive and negative, but more positive. I will fill you in more as time moves on. Pray for baby.

Tammy~ they could not find the problem with Chris, but he is having an ultrasound on his gallbladder, they think it might be the cause. Right now he is just taking Zantac (sp) and dealing with it.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

An update, on me this time...

Hey guys, just a quick update for those who are reading this still... I am in the hospital (as of Sunday night). I actually brought Chris in because he was having major abdominal pains and was throwing up everything (sorry about the tmi). While I was here anyway, I asked them to check me for a UTI because I was having trouble peeing (sorry for tmi again) and I had a fever of 102.5. Well, it turned out I have a Kidney infection, which also explained the problems in my back. I have been on IV antibiotic since Sunday late night and am now also getting iron supliments because my iron came back very low. My parents are keeping Gabby for us right now, and Chris still has Alina (Charlie {my lil bro}) keeps Alina during the day. It was funny, because the ER doctor called our family doctor and said "I have 2 of your patients here, and I am admitting the one that I did not think I would be admitting, and sending hmoe the one I thought I would be admitting." Chris brought Alina to see me this evening. She just sat in my lap looking at me for a good 5 minutes. Then she wanted daddy! Ugh, I hope she is not mad at me! Thanks for your continued prayers.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Will she be an artist?

Gabby has been expressing herself with drawing for quite some time now. Ever since her attempt to give us a work of art on the living room wall with pen, we have resorted to her only drawing being on her magna-doodle. I wanted to share with you all one of her recent works of art, keeping in mind she is 2, and not an art major in university!

When I asked her who was in the picture, she said "Daddy, Mommy, Bubba, Gabby, Alina & Baby!"

I am still trying to figure out why Alina is the only angry one... lol... maybe Gabby is showing me how she felt when Alina came along.... nonetheless, I am proud of Gabby! I think she is doing great as an artist, I mean, it's in her blood... her daddy went to university to study art!