Friday, July 27, 2007

So, there is not much new going on around here... we are pretty much settled into the house, and into the community. We finally got our PEI plate on the car. I still have not gone to get the PEI drivers licence... it cost so much! We are still trying to find Chris a new job. This is a hard task to complete, as he has to find an employer who is willing to work with imigration to get a work visa. This is about a one week process, if the company has already advertised the job to Canadians. So, we are in the waiting game with the places he has dropped off his resume.

Gabby has hit the terrible twos BIG TIME.... and she is only 17.5 months! If I let her run loose in the house, she loves to go to the mud room and put on my shoes and walk around the house.... I want this to stop before the snow starts coming... just think of what a mess that will make! Another thing she enjoys with her new found freedom is going up-stairs, BY HERSELF! That's right! The child will sneak upstairs and get into her toybox, having a grand old time. I'm okay with her going upstairs, because she is good at it... but going down is still a struggle, and I am afraid she is going to fall one of these days... A fall down these stairs could be deadly... they are very steap and narrow (80 year old house)!

She has yet to grow anymore teeth since we got here... she still just has the 8 front teeth... I thought for sure she would have some molars by now, but no, nothing new in there. She does love to brush her teeth though! She is so proud of them!

Christian loves it here! When we told him there was a possibility that we might move to New Brunswick if we can't find Chris a job here, Christian got very upset! He has made a few friends, and loves living so close to water (we have water front property). So, here's to hoping Chris gets a job offer!

Well, I think that is about all I have update wise. We are all doing great! The baby inside of me is very active, even more so than Gabby was. She is bound to be a soccer player or dancer... can't really tell yet.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Yes, it's been a while...

But if you had been used to using high speed, and moved to the boonies where high speed is not offered.... you would not spend as much time using dial up, now would you!?

Well, the only news I really have right now is that I am re-thinking this pregnancy! I found out today at my doctors visit that they do not offer epidurals in PEI! I'm going to die!!!!!! You guys know how I am with needles! Just think of this big baby making it through a delivery drugless!!!!!!!! UGH!

Ok, bed time...