Saturday, September 27, 2008

Our Wii died :(

So, our Wii is officially DEAD! We bought it in May of this year, so it is not even half a year old. I am pretty sad though, because now I can't do my Wii Fit! I spent about an hour on the phone with Nintendo today. Well, it is still under warranty, so I am shipping it out on Monday... she said it will take 9-12 days from when they get it to have it fix (or replaced) and mailed back to us. So, a couple weeks without the Wii... more cleaning time... And, I have to find another way to keep this girlish figure, HAHAHAHA!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Well... I sure don't do well for keeping this up, now do I? I try to keep facebook up to date, but I just seem to forget about my blog. Life is going, okay for now. The girls are doing pretty well. Alina started getting the spots on her bum that Gabby has been getting for about a year now.... it is not fun, because Alina, my bath loving baby, now hates the bath! It must hurt when she is sitting, because she screams when I put her in there. Right now she has one so bad that she has to be in paper diapers! It was bleeding and gooing really bad, and I just don't think the cloth diapers would do her much good with that. She is going to the doctor today to have it check out. I am worried as to what can be causing them. We thought it was something in the old house... because Gabby's cleared up almost right after we moved... but a couple weeks ago one showed up on her tummy. It is so frustrating that the doctors can't figure out what they are or what is causing them. Other than that, they are doing good.

This pregnancy must be going well, because I still don't feel pregnant! I have a tiny belly, it is quite cute... but I have no pregnancy symptoms... and I am NOT complaining! I have been loosing weight, rather than gaining... and in most cases, I would be okay with that... but not during a pregnancy. They determined that I have a hyperactive thyroid, which accounts for the weight loss, and they are trying to determine now the best treatment. I have a job interview this afternoon. Nothing big, it is at Wendy's... but hey, it's a job, and we could use the extra income for winter oil and Christmas for the kids. Plus, they offer awesome benefits!

Well, that is about all I have for you. Check out my facebook for pictures. I should be adding some soon!

Sunday, September 14, 2008